The Rompetrol Internship program was launched on Petromidia and Vega platforms 19 years ago, thus Rompetrol became one of the first companies to identify the opportunity of attracting and developing young professionals in the Oil & Gas industry.

The annual internship program helps us bridge two worlds, the young and energetic with the experienced leaders. Thus, the training and integration of the young in the industry is accelerated, with interns following in the steps of their mentors.

In the recent years, the initiative was extended to Bucharest to help in the search for future colleagues in Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, Internal Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Acquisitions.

We have built partnerships with the Ovidius University in Constanta, the Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Lazar Edeleanu Technological High-schools from Năvodari and Ploiești and Electrotechnical and Telecommunications High-school from Constanța. We are also open to embracing new partnerships with other top universities and technological high-schools. 

Over 1,500 graduates attended Rompetrol’s internship programs and more than half of them became our colleagues in various areas.




Do you know what you want to become when you grow up? If you are interested in a career in the energy domain, join our Internship 2020 program to make the first steps!

We offer you a paid program that will challenge you to get to know yourself better, to be inspired by the career stories of our experts, but also of other great people in the business community, and to develop your key skills for the future.

55 students will take the journey in the following areas and departments:

  • Petromidia Năvodari: Production, Utilities, Maintenance, Logistics, Design Engineering and Laboratories 
  • Vega Ploiești: Production, Utilities, Maintenance, Logistics and Laboratories
  • Ploiești Rompetrol Well Services: Production, Sales, Finance

The ideal candidate has:

   ✓  A proactive attitude and solution driven mindset

   ✓  Creativity and Adaptability

   ✓  Communication and Teamwork

   ✓  Innovative mindset

   ✓  Ambition and passion for work

   ✓  A “Can Do” attitude and fast learning approach



Write to us at for any inquiries you might have on our internship program.


During 2 months, August and September, interns get acquainted with the oil and gas industry, they participate in many online 👩‍💻 workshops dedicated to personal development, and for a complete experience, accompany our experts and learn directly from them.


We trust that this is not only an investment meant to ensure business continuity and generations exchange, but also a true long-term commitment to support the growth of young people and create opportunities for them to discover and maximize their talent.

You are the future of energy!