Various initiatives address the need of our people to build a bridge between their workplace and their families, lifestyles, interests or passions.


From internal workshops on different hobbies and open days events to bring your kids at work, to wider events, such as the Kazakh Film Festival or an extraordinary concert in Navodari, that brought together around 6,000 people to celebrate 100 years since the foundation of modern Romania. The concert, who lined up well-known artists such as Goran Bregovic, Carla's Dream or Smiley, was also a beautiful way to thank all our employees for the energy they are investing every day.


Physical well-being represents a top priority for KMG International, with regard to both employees and the communities we operate in, visible through strict health and safety work procedures, and also through customized internal programs. Sports Academy is our leading internal event, with about 10% of all employees in the Group taking part in the competition. Taking sports one step further, Rompetrol Run and Care is the charitable cross organized by KMG International to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, while instilling strong volunteering principles.

Besides, the Group has been actively involved in supporting the Romanian healthcare system, through its long-standing partnership with the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) & the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU), as well as through its consistent investments in healthcare-related projects across the country.



The Well Station platform offers activities dedicated to the financial education and counseling of our employees.


We are committed to ensuring all our people have their basic needs met to live a healthy and productive life, so, as part of the benefits package, each employee may have access to significant life events support and allowances (marriage, child birth, illness, death), relocation assistance and allowances, medical care support, rest and relaxation allowances/tickets, retirement planning, health, life, illness and disability insurance, and even discounts for company products or other third-party suppliers.






With 5 generations working together and over 200 different types of jobs, Rompetrol is the result of the ambition and passion of the specialists in this industry.

Be it in the Petromidia or Vega refineries, on the offshore ships and tugboats, in the industrial service companies or in Rompetrol's stations and offices, we continuously build and grow together.




The 10th anniversary edition of Sports Academy registered a record-breaking number of participants in 2019, with over 700 colleagues from all countries and the Group’s companies taking part in more than 20 competitions out of 10 scheduled sports. Football, table tennis, chess, swimming, tennis simple and doubles, badminton, along with weightlifting, arm-wrestling, basketball and volleyball are all on our list.




Designed to facilitate a smooth generational exchange, the Knowledge Transfer program helps us keep key information and skills within the organization. Thus, future Retirees transfer their knowledge and technical skills to nominated Disciples, extending their expertise area and preparing them for taking on new roles.